Not to worry cat lovers, Luke is not pulling his tail! Simply good timing at the end of a pet.

Meet Buttons, our neighbourhood cat. We love Buttons. Buttons loves us (we think).

It’s this amazing situation that we’ve never had before. We usually go to my aunt’s in the evenings to watch a movie or play games, and nearly every time we leave (unless it’s raining, of course), Buttons comes out to walk us home. Now, his name may not actually be Buttons, but that is what we have named him, since he is just as cute as one. At the very tip of his tail (nicely covered by Luke’s hand) is a white tip, making him easily distinguishable from the other neighbourhood cats (which, believe it or not, there are a lot of).

Every night he comes out, he’ll walk us half way home. He has his boundaries, though, he isn’t going to be taken just anywhere! He stops at the T at the end of my aunt’s street, and refuses to cross. We love having his company, and he constantly wants to be pet and rubs up against your legs. A couple of times, he nearly had me face plant on the sidewalk, but then he just looks at you and all is forgiven.

He is the friendliest cat in the neighbourhood. There’s Philip, a white and brown cat who hates everyone and everything and just sits and watches the world on the wall of the building of flats across the street. There’s Snuggles, another white a brown cat who just absolutely loves to be snuggled. The second you stop petting him, he meows at you until you resume. Finally, there’s Mittens, a cat that we’ve only seen once. We coerced him out of the hedge, until he was comfortable enough for petting, until Luke’s thermos fell out of the pocket in his bag and scared the crap out of the poor cat. He stayed away from us after that.

We’ve also made friends with a squirrel (Sammy) and a magpie (Marvin), who are BFFs. We’ve seen a fox (Felix), and had quite the adventure trying to take a picture of him (let’s just say that flash works against windows).

We just love the neighbourhood animals – it’s like seeing friends everywhere you go!


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