St. Andrews

We took a day trip up to St. Andrews last Sunday. I was, again, in charge of map reading, but I actually made it work! It was an absolutely beautiful day out, and we had a great time. The first thing we did when we arrived was go to this little cafe on Bell Street, off South Street. This quaint little cafe, called Gorgeous, was consistently busy, and we went on an off-season day. I couldn’t even imagine it in the summer. We ate our scones upstairs, and I got the ‘Prince of Cambridge’ scone; white chocolate, raspberry and blueberry, with strawberry jam and butter. We all got pots of tea, that came covered in these knit little tea-cosies and it was just so nice.

The Prince of Cambridge Scone

The Prince of Cambridge Scone

Luke's plain scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Luke’s plain scone with clotted cream and raspberry jam.

The little room up the stairs where we had our tea was a lovely little sunshine yellow hideaway. All over the walls were vintage items, like old-fashioned football cleats, old-fashioned ceramic hot water bottles, and a drying rack (complete with old-fashioned trousers and tops!) hanging from the ceiling (apparently called a Sheila Maid).

Once we had our tea and scones, we set off to explore the town. We walked down South Street towards the waterline, and stopped off at the St. Andrews Cathedral. This beautiful old ruin has a ton of interesting things to see, from old deteriorated stone staircases, to ancient human tombs. Once we explored (and once we accidentally traipsed into a ‘no entry’ entry, we set off to the waterside, and to look at the Castle. The Castle cost admission, so we just looked at it from the outside. We saw a couple of people our age running around inside the castle wearing these long red capes. As it turns out, they were students at the university, and this is their (famous) way of dressing, little did we know. We continued our walk along the seaside, investigating the ancient ruins of the baths in which the inhabitants of the castle used to bathe, and continued down towards the beach. We couldn't have had a more beautiful day.

We couldn’t have had a more beautiful day.

We took this picture just outside the beach, by the golf course. About 20 feet to the right is the public washrooms, in which Luke went without paying the 30p fee. The patient lady at the little window just watched him saunter pass, completely unaware of any wrongdoing. Who’s idea was it to have to pay to use the bathroom!? Needless to say, it was not something we’ve done in the past. So, after my aunt paid the woman for Luke, we set off towards the beach.

The beach at St. Andrews.

The beach at St. Andrews.

After we filled our shoes with sand, and imagined how lovely it would be to go to school this close to a beach (I mean honestly), we set off to the golf course.

The old St. Andrews Clubhouse.

The old St. Andrews Clubhouse.

We couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity, so we stood in the middle of the golf course to take some lovely pictures. By this point though, my feet and legs were not having any of it, and protested to go sit down somewhere, anywhere. This is largely attributed to my choice of shoes for the day; let’s just say that Keds are obviously not long-term walking material. On the way back to the car, we stopped off at the St. Andrews museum and saw the exhibit on x-ray crystallography (which was awesome). 

On the way home, we stopped at the Anstruther Fish Bar. This place was absolutely packed. There were 2 lines in the door, one for sit-in and one for take out. I have never seen such a small place full with so many people. And it wasn’t even a meal time – it was 4 o’clock! It was absolutely delicious, and Luke and I got alcoholic beverages on the side, and I got mint chocolate chip ice cream afterwards (I just can’t resist!).

I just couldn't wait to start eating for the photo to be taken...hence my half-eaten fish...

I just couldn’t wait to start eating for the photo to be taken…hence my half-eaten fish…

After we’d finished eating, we went to pick up my cousin from her dad’s and then set off for home. Luke and I fell asleep nearly immediately, and slept the whole way home. We will definitely be returning!



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